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Tree Felling Pretoria provides professional tree removal in Pretoria, tree stump removal & boom sloping in Gauteng. We specialize in Tree felling “boomslooping” of trees in and around Pretoria.

boom sloping pretoria

Boomsloping Pretoria

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tree trimming pretoria

Tree Felling Pretoria East

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Tree Felling Centurion Prices

Tree Removal Pretoria

Tree felling Pretoria east in Pretoria, at 067 030 6287 to discuss your need for our professional tree service...

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Tree Felling and Tree Care specialists in Pretoria

Tree Stump Removal Prices

With SA Tree Felling Services, you are in great hands. We are here for all your tree needs, and our extensive range of services includes pruning, crown reducing and thinning, crown raising, limb removal, complete removals (including stump removal), hedge cutting, trimming, brush cutting and land clearance. We cater all trees, including large and difficult trees. And for your added peace of mind, our staffs are qualified in all aspects of tree climbing and removal.

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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at SA Tree Felling Services. You can phone 067 030 6287 use the Call to Click icon to connect with us free of charge, or complete the form in the Contact Us section of this website. We hope to hear from you soon.

We are a team of experienced, qualified and well-equipped professional tree surgeons. Our aim is to provide quality tree care that offers the best long term solutions and is not just a quick fix. We also endeavor to provide a prompt, reliable and efficient tree services at a competitive price.

Tree Felling Pretoria East Prices

 Tree Felling Pretoria is a company you can depend on to do a quality job at an inexpensive price in Pretoria areas. We take our work very seriously, and we are dedicated to superior customer satisfaction in our tree felling Pretoria services. We realize we are one of the best few local trees felling company in Pretoria East, you could choose to hire and would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to exceed your expectations and become your primary tree stump removal Pretoria specialist. Tree felling Pretoria east prices are affordable.

We have built a solid reputation for being the most honest, efficient, dependable, and affordable tree removal Pretoria Company in Gauteng. So if you want the best price and the best service; please call Tree felling Pretoria east. We will take care of all your tree removal Pretoria needs. Just fill out our simple form and we will get back to you right away and get you a quote for our services.

tree felling pretoria prices

tree felling pretoria prices

Tree Felling Pretoria EastTree Removal Pretoria | Boomsloping Pretoria

We are dedicated to enhancing your living environment, especially your outdoor entertaining and relaxation area through our professional tree service. Putting our customers’ needs first, we take on any job, large or small and it is testament to our excellent record that most of our business comes through word of mouth.

We are available for the following:

  • Stump removal
  • Tree felling and removal
  • Tree shaping
  • Crown thinning
  • Hedge cutting
  • Shrub and tree planting

Our tree service experts provide everything from seasonal pruning to dead tree removal pretoria and beyond. Our tree cutting service experts have more than ten years of experience in the tree care industry. We get it done right the first time! Tree felling Pretoria east provides care for all your trees and shrubs. We offer affordable, quality work designed to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Call Tree felling Pretoria east in Pretoria, at 067 030 6287 to discuss your need for our professional tree service experts for your garden project, to schedule your tree care appointment, as well as to find out more about our full range of available services.

Tree Stump Removal Pretoria | Boomsloping Pretoria East

Centurion Stump Removal

Centurion Stump Removal

Left to nature, it can take 20 years or more for a stump to decompose and return back to the soil. As a result, that unattractive tree stump could be in your way for a long time, creating a hazard or just a nuisance to work around.

Once a tree has been removed, we can stump remove out the stump immediately. This area can then be restored to lawn, a plant bed, or the location of a replacement tree without having to wait for nature to take its course. No unsightly rotting stump, no sink-hole waiting to happen, no toxic chemicals which can be harmful to you or your pets.

Tree Stump removal is a cost effective way to permanently remove the stump and make the area safe and attractive again.

Stump-Removal pretoria

Stump-Removal pretoria

Tree Trimming Pretoria East – Boomsloping Pretoria | Tree Stump Removal

Are you looking for a tree trimming company that you can trust in Pretoria East? Do you have trees that need trimming or removal in Pretoria East and you are not sure who to turn to? You can get experienced tree removal at a price you can afford just by calling Pretoria East tree felling today and scheduling an appointment. Boomsloping Pretoria East is our middle name.

Our bucket truck service allows us to reach even your highest tree tops, and we are dedicated to quality workmanship, and friendly customer service. We also offer a boomsloping removal service, and have firewood for sale, for your convenience. If you are in need of a tree removal services that you can rely on, don’t wait a second longer and call us today for more information.



Get to Know Boomsloping Pretoria: Tree felling Pretoria east – Tree removal Pretoria, Tree felling Pretoria East, Tree Stump Removal Pretoria, Boomsloping Pretoria East and more.

For experienced and reliable boomsloping Pretoria and Tree Removal Services call Boomsloping Pretoria today at a free estimate or to schedule an appointment.

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For Tree felling Pretoria east, stump removal Pretoria, trimming & maintenance call now. Contact us for a free quotation:  or email treefellinggroup@gmail.com

No Job too Big or Small For Tree Felling Pretoria East

We have the expertise, equipment and experience to fell all types of trees, including dangerous trees in all kinds of environments. We also carry out lopping, pruning, shaping, hedge cutting, root grinding and more; please see our services page for more details. Whatever services you require, your site will be treated with respect and left in a clean and tidy state by our polite and reliable team.

tree cutting pretoria

tree cutting pretoria

Reductions | Tree Trimming Pretoria | Tree Care Pretoria

Reducing the crown of the tree enhances the life of the tree. Crown or limb reductions are essential when a tree of significant size is within close proximity of a house, building, fence, wall, pool, garage or carport. A reduction simply means reducing the extremities of the trees crown or a specific limb thus reducing the weight on the limb or limbs of the tree, making it less likely to break in a strong wind, heavy rain or snow.

Boomsloping Pretoria East Maintain

All trees are living flora that are a necessity on our planet, some are good others not so good; but whether a tree be for plantation purposes or recreational purposes a tree requires maintenance, some annually others bi-annually.