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Removing a tree is not a DIY job. It requires a tree service company with the experience, equipment, skills, and safety record to do it properly.

Tree Felling Pretoria – Boomsloping Pretoria Oos

For over 11 years, tree felling Pretoria east has been providing the best tree removal. Ons is boomkenners in Pretoria oos. As a locally operated business, we are well versed and highly experienced in this field. Experience-wise, we have found ourselves in many boomsloping Pretoria tricky situations that our team experts arborists have found the best way to contend with.

Tree removal in Pretoria East can be a very dangerous job, that’s why safety is the most important factor to us. Safety for our team, for your property, for your neighbours, and for you. But above all, our clients’ satisfaction and needs remain our utmost priority.

The team at Tree Felling Pretoria take pride in the expertise and knowledge of tree removal and boomkwekers that has been honed for more than two decades. With this, even your dangerous emergency tree felling situations will be handled promptly and carefully. Furthermore, we are equipped with the latest machinery and equipment to handle anything from small to the largest of trees.

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Best Local Tree Experts in Pretoria!

We would prefer to use our expertise to preserve your trees, but there are times when removal is required. Our experienced tree removal team can help you determine if a tree can be saved or not, or if it would be better to remove the tree.
Not sure if your tree should be removed? We will inspect your tree and give you our professional opinion. You can also look at the common signs that it's time to remove a tree (just click the button below)

You may have asked: How much does it cost to remove a tree in South Africa? You do not need to worry about prices as we ensure a very reasonable quote for all of our tree felling services in pretoria. So if you ever need a tree felling pretoria service day or night, don’t hesitate to contact us at Climbing Kavin; we are always ready to help you for your tree felling needs.

What is the purpose of tree felling Pretoria?

Trees are some of the most valuable things in our world. They bring immeasurable benefits to humans, animals, and the environment.

But like every other living thing, they grow old, become sick and eventually die. Those are just some of the reasons why they have to be removed. Click here to see some of them

Whether you need one or the other, Tree Felling Pretoria are here to help you with your boomsloping Pretoria needs. But first, you need to know why and when tree removal Pretoria services are needed:

  • If the tree is dead or dying
  • If the tree is damaged beyond repair
  • If the tree is infested by insects
  • If the tree is growing too near to your home
  • If the tree is leaning towards a dangerous direction
  • If the tree is an obstruction for a property expansion


Flexible hours

We understand you have a busy schedule, and we’re more than happy to work around it.

Over 11 years’ experience

We have the experience and qualifications needed to do the job right the first time.

Always on time

It’s important the job gets done. We’ll be there right on time to take care of it.

Tree felling prices in Pretoria 2022.

The average cost to remove a tree in 2022 is around R3 000

Tree Felling Pretoria Service 2022 Price Range
Rubbish Removal PricesR650.00 – R1 800.00
Tree Felling Pretoria PricesR995.00 – R9 000.00
Tree Trimming Pretoria PricesR800.00 – R3 500.00
Stump Removal Pretoria PricesR950.00 – R6 000.00
tree felling prices in pretoria


Andre OrmondAndre Ormond
10:59 10 Apr 22
Great experience, guys are prof, work fast, clean up after their work, plus great value for money!
Johannes WehrmannJohannes Wehrmann
14:37 09 Apr 22
Awesome service from Kavin and his team.
Sebastian HaasSebastian Haas
13:51 09 Apr 22
TFPE Did a good job cutting my palm trees and the pricing was more than fair.

How To Successfully Cut A Tree? Read the article below to learn the 6 steps on how to cut a tree.

6 Easy Steps To Cut A Tree Down in Pretoria.

You must carry out each step of the 6 step felling plan to do the job safely and properly. The correct working techniques are essential in tree felling pretoria. Not only to create a safe working environment, but also to be more effective when working.

1. Assess the site
• Assess the stand for hazards – the
terrain, roads, tracks, other operations,
• Wind strength and direction – will it
affect safety? ask yourself if there are any major obstacles – such as overhead lines, roads or buildings – in the area. Deploy warning signs if you know that a lot of people pass by on a daily basis.

2. Assess the tree
• Any defects? Rotting wood, heavy lean,
interlocked branches, debris
in branches, dead tops.
• Soil very wet or dry? Could that affect
• Falling direction? What could the tree hit
as it falls? Which way will you escape?
• If you can fell it safely, decide which
cuts to use.

3. Prune the trunk

  • When you have cleared the area, put up your warning signs and decided on the tree’s direction of fall and your path of retreat.
  • You should check that you have enough fuel in the tank for the task ahead. Then it’s time to prune the trunk to get rid of all the branches and twigs that might get in the way when sawing the felling cut.

4. Prepare work area and escape

• Clear around the base of the tree
– leave no vegetation or obstacles.
• Plan your escape route – ideally 45
degrees behind the tree.

5. Use the correct, safe felling

• Over 200mm at the stump? Always
use a scarf and back cut.
• Work out the lean. How many wedges
do you need? Need machine assistance?

6. Retreat and look up!
• Finish cut on the safe side of the tree.
Use your escape route as soon as
the tree begins to fall.
• Watch out for kick back,
or anything falling.
• Don’t walk directly behind the tree.

If anything looks unsafe, stop felling, reassess, and consider getting help.

Advanced Tree Felling Services – Expert Article on Tree Removal Pretoria

Trees are frequently removed by cutting near the base of the trunk; this is commonly known as Tree Felling. This form of tree removal is physically challenging and can be dangerous if the process is not adequately planned and executed. In this article, we discuss tree felling in pretoria and the importance of proper tree selection, inspection, work positioning, and tree felling techniques in Pretoria.

The experts at Tree Felling Pretoria East are frequently used to injuries and deaths involving tree felling pretoria operations attempts by homeowners. The most common technique used in felling a tree is a multi-step process that first involves the creation of an open-faced notch in the trunk.

In properly executed cuts, by creating the notch, positions the static load of the tree such that the arborist, through the use of the back cut and the remaining hinge, can reliably control the direction the tree will fall. However, mistakes made during felling can result in property damage or serious injury/death to the feller or bystanders.

Tree Pruning in Pretoria

Having a yard with trees on it can increase your property value. However having unattractive, unkept and or damaged trees on your property can actually hurt your bottom dollar. Pruning your tree can directly put money back into your pocket by increasing your home resale value!

Pruning removes all dead wood and unsightly overgrowth. We take unsafe and unstable limbs that could pose a possible threat and thin out the canopy. This allows for more air flow and sunlight. We proudly offer our pruning services to all customers in Pretoria and the surrounding areas like tree felling pretoria moot and tree felling pretoria north.


Is pruning required? When referring to trees in the forest where there are a number of trees growing together there is little maintenance required.

However when you are referring to trees planted in suburban areas, it is required to sustain proper pruning practices to keep up with the growth and shape of the crown of the tree. This process aids in the health and prevention of disease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How much does it cost to cut down a tree in Pretoria?

Tree felling is a very technical job to execute and the tree felling pretoria prices of these services vary depending on the specific job that needs to be done. We here at Tree Felling Pretoria strive to keep our prices low while making sure that the quality of our work is never compromised. We can also provide suggestions and advice if you are working on a limited budget. On average, it costs between R995 to R9 950 to remove a tree in pretoria 

Can you provide a quotation over the phone?

Quoting over the phone can apply for small work that needs to be done such as pruning and stump grinding by sending us a clear picture message of the job. For more intensive services like tree removals, we have to consider a lot of different factors before we can come to a final quotation. Some factors include: the size and species of the tree(s), property access, if we need to use a big truck, if an elevated platform is required, if the tree is stable enough to be climbed, etc. These are all reasons why our arborists need to see the job in person to provide an accurate quotation which we are happy to do free of charge.

How many people will be doing the work?

Our team that is deployed to a project depends on the size and scale of the work that needs to be done. Although usually, the team consists of three; one climber and two ground crew. For bigger projects, more staff need to be involved to make sure that the job will be done correctly and most importantly, safely.

How do you get rid of tree stumps?

We either remove it with a stump grinding machine that grindout the stump to mulch. However, if the space is limited we remove it manually.

What is the process of felling trees?

Step one is to remove all branches then after that, we cut the tree down safely in smaller chunks until it’s all the way down.



Sometimes, in tree felling pretoria trees grow so large (or in unexpected directions) that they block access to a road, sideway, drive, walkway, patio or deck, and pruning alone cannot clear the way


Trees should be taken out if they pose a significant safety hazard to property and people, and the problem cannot be resolved through other means. This is often the case with storm damage.


A dead or dying tree causes a hazardous situation as it continues to deteriorate, whether that’s due to pests like gypsy moth, diseases, or just a slow decline from old age.


Trees that are growing too close together can crowd and harm other nearby trees, while those growing near your home or other structures can damage roofs, siding, utility lines, vents, AC units, etc.


Nearby construction can severely damage or kill a tree if it’s not properly protected, and sometimes a tree must be removed to make way for new landscaping, paved areas, structures, solar panels, etc.

6. TOO MUCH […]

Trees can easily become “too much” – they get too big for the space, create too much shade, drop too many leaves in your swimming pool, have too many roots, block too much of the view.

9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Felling Pretoria Company

Are you in the market for a tree felling company in Pretoria? With many tree felling pretoria service companies in Pretoria, there are lots of choices for homeowners who need tree work done.  Asking the right questions can help you figure out which local tree felling company is best for you. Tree felling Pretoria and boomsloping in pretoria can be dangerous and can result in property damage. Researching thoroughly to find a reliable tree felling pretoria company could save you time and protect your home. Keep reading to learn which questions to ask before hiring a tree removal company in Pretoria.

A professional tree removal company in pretoria will give you an estimate before you make your decision. The detailed estimate gives you an idea of what to expect.  It also helps you compare the different companies. Looking at the estimates helps you spot companies that charge a lot less than everyone else, which could mean they’re not as experienced. It can also help you avoid overpaying.

Looking over the detailed estimate also helps you understand what’s included in the fee. It can help you avoid unexpected charges or extra fees that you didn’t plan to pay. 
When you get the estimate, ask how long the company will honor the quote, especially if you don’t plan to hire a company immediately, but usually the quote validity is stated on the quotation.

Find out how each company will approach your project, especially if it’s complicated. If you have a tree with dead branches, ask each company what they recommend. Asking about their approach helps you find out if the company is a good fit. If you want to try to save the tree but a company won’t even entertain the idea, you might want to keep looking. It can also help you identify companies that don’t know what they’re doing. If most of the companies would take the same approach but one company would do something drastically different, it could be a red flag.

Important information when hiring a local tree feller

  1. Are You Licensed and Insured?
  2. How Much Experience Do You Have?
  3. Can I Get a Detailed Estimate?
  4. How Will You Do the Job?
  5. What Type of Equipment Will You Use?
  6. How Will You Protect My Property?
  7. How Long Will the Process Take?
  8. How Do You Clean Up?
  9. Do You Have References?

Tree removal projects in Pretoria vary significantly depending on the complexity. If you have a large tree that’s coming down completely, it’ll take a lot longer than just trimming a few trees. Ask each company how long the job will take to have a comparison.

If someone gives you a much shorter timeline, it could indicate that they either don’t fully understand the job or they might cut corners. It’s also important to find out how quickly the company can get to your project. Some companies might be booked out a long time. If there’s a storm that causes extensive damage to lots of properties, the wait could be even longer.

Clean up after tree felling in Pretoria

Once the job is done, you want a tree felling company that cleans up the yard and restores it to its previous condition. The detailed estimate should show if tree disposal and cleanup is included in fee. Ask what will be left behind if anything so you know what to expect and know whether or not you’ll have to do any cleanup.

Finding out how the company did on previous jobs can help you decide if they’re qualified to do your work. Ask for references from past clients so you can call them and ask how well the company performed. You can also look for reviews online about the company. Some tree removal companies include reviews on their websites. Review sites such as Google are also a good source of reviews and ratings that can help you assess the quality of the company

Find the Best Local Tree Felling Pretoria Company

 Finding the best tree felling pretoria company starts with doing your research. Strategic questions can reveal how qualified the company is and how well it can fit your tree felling pretoria needs. You’ll be happy to know that we can pass all the above questions. So if you need trees trimmed or removed, contact us today to ask questions and schedule the service.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Service

If you require a 24-hour emergency tree felling pretoria service, you have come to the right place. One thing we certainly recognize here at Tree Felling Pretoria East is that you never know when disaster is going to strike. If you require a tree removal in pretoria as soon as possible, you will be pleased to know that we provide a 24-hour emergency tree felling pretoria service to cater to this need. Read on to discover more about it and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns or queries.

Do you need emergency tree removal in Pretoria?

tree felling pretoria

There are a number of different situations that can end up meaning you need an emergency tree removal service in pretoria. In most cases, this will occur when a storm has hit. Even the toughest trees can bow and break when there is a storm. The type of storm is going to dictate the damage that is sustained. For example, flooding and downpours can loosen the sediment around the tree because of all of the excess water. This will leave the root system exposed, especially in tree species that have shallow roots.

This causes the tree to topple because it weakens the tree’s anchor. On the other hand, if there has been a storm with high wind, for example, a tornado, hurricane, windstorm, or rainstorm, then the canopy of the tree can catch too much air, which uproots it from the soil. Of course, there are a number of other storm types, and they can all have different impacts on trees. We have experience dealing with all types of tree felling pretoria and damage, so simply pick up the phone.

Professional 24-hour Emergency Services in Pretoria

There are a number of other reasons why you may be thinking about emergency tree removal. This can include cases whereby your tree is diseased. Some indicators that this could be the case include holes in leaves or bark, cankers, clusters of new shoots, gall, dusty white mildew, as well as yellowed, burnet, spotted or wilted leaves.

Furthermore, you should think about getting your tree removed as quickly as possible if the tree is leaning and it appears to be a health and safety hazard. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt because you did not act. Call us today and we can assess the issue to determine if a removal is required and the cost for removal.

Contact Tree Felling Pretoria East today!

If you have any questions about the service that we provide or you would like to make the most of our 24-hour emergency tree service near me, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are always happy to answer any queries and we will make sure that our team get to you as soon as possible. You can reach us by calling 060-585-8769

We cover Waterkloof, Brooklyn, Lynnwood, Moreleta Park and the surrounding areas. Our team boasts many years of experience in tree felling pretoria and we have an exceptional reputation in the tree removal pretoria industry, so you can be sure that you will be in safe hands. Contact Tree Felling Pretoria East for a free quote today.

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