Emergency Tree Removal Pretoria

Emergency Tree Removal Pretoria: Tree Felling Pretoria

emergency tree felling
  • 24-hour emergency service: call us day or night and speak to a human (probably Kavin)
  • 30-minute dispatch: we send our support vehicle & crew faster than you can get a pizza delivered
  • 0 dollars call out fees: you don’t pay us to come, because we bill you after the job is done

Climbing Kavin is the finest emergency tree removal Pretoria. It’s made up of (1) the only tree removal crew in Pretoria bigger and stronger than a tree. And also, (2) the only tree service crew that makes saving your home look easy.  If you’ve got a big problem requiring unflappable tree experts. Call us now and we’ll send the Climbing Kavin crew within 30 minutes.

If a tree has fallen on your property and damaged it, call our “emergency phone” at 060-585-8769. We’ll remove the tree from your structure and submit a bill that will not leave your wallet sad. We’ve remedied tree disasters and made properties safer for over 8 years.


Your challenges: fallen tree, no good help available, and general chaos

You’re thankful nobody was injured too badly, but that’s where the good news ends.  A tree just fell on or very near your home.  Maybe the fallen tree was a complete surprise, or maybe you meant to take care of it, but never found the time.  In any case, you need the tree removed now.

Easier said than done.  You may be reading this after business hours, or in the middle of a storm, or after calling nearby tree services that don’t answer the phone.  You’re also concerned whether the tree company will rip you off, or your homeowner’s insurance will flake out on you, or both.

A fallen tree makes your house seem small and vulnerable, and the whole situation makes you feel helpless.

The solution: Climbing Kavin | Emergency Tree Removal Pretoria

Our team makes the tree seem small, and one call to us makes you realize your emergency tree removal pretoria is solvable – and maybe even not as bad as you thought.  With Climbing Kavin, you’re in control again.

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