Firewood Pretoria

Firewood Pretoria company We are proud to provide Firewood from locally felled trees and also, from managed forests -cut, split and packaged by local County residents. Also, we have been in business for 10 years, supplying allied garden products ranging from mulches and manures to composts and potting mixes, mainly to service stations. We can also supply you with firewood and kindling – for a HOT and also LONG fire aswell.

We hope that our product, along with good friends, good food, and good conversation. Will become the catalyst for picture perfect moments and happy memories. Therefore, Firewood Pretoria is available for braais in summer, and a warm fireplace in winter.

Our range of timber and charcoal products can be used for firewood, kindling, heating and or cooking. By using firewood or charcoal to cook or heat their homes. Every South African can reduce this country’s reliance on coal-fired power generation. Charcoal is not made from coal.

• Split Firewood
• Packaged Firewood

Firewood in Centurion & Pretoria East

While many people may think that firewood don’t exist in your area, you’re probably looking at this page because you know differently. There are countless wood burning fireplaces in and around Centurion and Pretoria East. Despite being a busy place, many people love having the chance to come home and relax by a warm fire on a cold night.

Firewood Pretoria East

We also provide and deliver firewood in Pretoria East and also, we proudly serve the greater Pretoria area

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