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No construction project, residential or commercial, is possible without site clearance pretoria first. Any construction crew needs to ensure that the site is cleared, and the site is prepared.Depending on the condition of the land at the time of purchase, the tasks required to accomplish this feat vary. In most cases, a work crew will need to be involved to accomplish the project. However, due to a wide range of potential tasks, the cost can be as low as R5000 and as high as R80,000. The best way for you to understand where you fall on that range is to understand the intricacies of site preparation, as well as the variables involved.

What Does Site Clearance Pretoria Entail?

First, you must understand exactly what needs to be done. In most cases, that includes surveying the land and comparing it with the construction blue print in order to determine the exact tasks that need to be completed before construction can begin. Most site preparation projects begin with site clearance pretoria the land of large rocks and vegetation. Trees and shrubs can be significant obstacles to the building process. It makes sense to think ahead: problems that are invisible now, such as tree roots, can become problematic years down the road. Depending on the property in question, the next step tends to involve grading the land. This step may include drainage control and erosion prevention to avoid future problems. In that case, installing septic systems and wells may become additional cost factors. Other potential steps include:

  • staking the area of construction
  • digging out the foundation or basement
  • demolishing existing structures (if needed)

Tree Removal on Lightly to Heavily Wooded | Site Clearance Pretoria

Removing trees from your property is often necessary for the land clearing process. For a single tree, expect to pay an average of R3000. However, that cost may vary based on the size of the tree, along with its condition, location, and diameter. Removing fallen trees tends to cost between R8000 and R15000.  If more than one tree stands on the property to be cleared. The costs will vary based on how heavily the land is wooded.

Brush Removal – Site Clearance

Clearing brushes tends to be less expensive than trees, thanks to the fact that their above and below-surface area is significantly less cumbersome to remove. Clearing the land of plants, shrubs, and smaller-scale overgrowth typically costs between R1000 and R7000.

Hiring a Professional

| You can take care of at least some problems yourself, but the high cost of equipment and expertise required should make that option a backup choice. When hiring a site clearance professional. Be sure to choose one from a number of competitive bids in order to get the best possible price. Any quote is credible only after the professional has visited your property in person. Ask for references of past projects in your area, as well as the company’s range of responsibilities. A good understanding of the process and costs involved can help you make the best possible decision for your project, and find professionals who will help you accomplish your goals.

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