Tree Felling Pretoria East

tree felling pretoria east

At Tree Felling Pretoria East, we ensure that all our staff are trained professional tree arborists. Using a trained professional arborist is essential. As any mistake when servicing trees can lead to significant problems. While immediate hazards can include property damage or injury. Open wounds on trunks. Poorly maintained trees all leave the tree open to later infection or decay.

As a specialist in tree removal service in Tree Felling Pretoria East. Not only do they understand the different needs of individual tree species. They are trained to deliver quality tree services.

We cater for all aspects of removal. With a wide range of up to date techniques and Rigging gear.

Trees are dynamic natural systems and they provide important habitats for insects, birds and bats. And all works adhere to habitat legislation. Particularly that of birds and bats. So pre-work checks to detect bat roosts. Nesting birds are undertaken as standard.

Unless we have agreed to leave tree debris for a natural habitat or timber. We also remove and recycle everything, leaving the site perfectly clean and tidy.

Pruning in Pretoria East Tree Felling

We carry out works tailored to meet both the needs of the client and the needs of the specific tree. Our role is to harmonise the relationship between the tree and its surrounding environment. Tree pruning has multiple benefits for both the client and the tree. Pruning helps to manage a trees size, improves its shape, and it also has benefits such as improving access and increasing light. It also helps to improve the structural integrity, aesthetics, and strength of your tree. There are many types of pruning including crown reduction, thinning and lifting. Complete Tree Services offer excellent pruning services which ensure you get the best outcome for both you and your tree.

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